Otter Creek Animal Shelter Spay / Neuter Agreement Form

  • The Adopter agrees to the following terms:
    • The Adopter agrees to neuter/spay the pet by 6 months of age.
    • The Adopter agrees to supply Otter Creek Animal Shelter with a veterinarian’s letter or other proof that the spay/neuter has been completed.
    • If the Adopter fails to spay/neuter the pet and provide proof to the Otter Creek Animal Shelter by 6 months of age the rights and ownership of this pet will be terminated and revert to the Otter Creek Animal Shelter who may immediately reclaim the pet. The only exception is a letter from a veterinarian stating medical reasons why the altering cannot be performed.

  • I understand and agree to comply with the terms of listed above.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY